I am a young artist trying to make a living for himself. If you would like to commission me, please stick around! Here's my queue if anyone wants to take a peak!
Here's a bit more about myself;
I'm a light hearted guy who likes to draw for people!! I try my hardest to make my commissions enjoyable for anyone of all ages! Though because I have a job, commissions are slow. (within a week or 2 depending on my work schedule + school).
My art trades are closed as well as requests.


They come fully shaded and with a background

Head Shots;
Flats- $10
Shaded- +$5
Highlights- +$5
Complex backgrounds- +$10

Half Bodies;
Flat- $20
Shaded- +$5
Highlights- +$5
Complex backgrounds- +$10

Full Bodies;
Base Price- $40
Shaded- +$5
Highlights- +$5
Complex backgrounds- +$10
Detailed Background- +$20

Extra Characters!
Extra characters make the price double. So if you want an extra character.
Such as; 40×2 is 80. You would pay 80.

Base Price- $50
Includes a full body, pelt shot, a close up on the eyes, any extra accesories and chibi clothing shot
~Need to include species you want and colour palette, mood boards are also accepted
~Aesthetics are also encouraged to be given
~Names and extra writing can be given to me as it is developed*

Base Price- $50
~Base ref includes front view, name, and eye reference if wanted.
~I also include a patterned background
Side view- + $10
Back view- +$10
Gore shot- +$5
Chibi Outfits- +$5 each
Extra Text- +$5
Headshot- +$5
Close Nose/Teeth- +$2

There something you want but don't see? Shoot me a message and we can work prices out!! Don't be afraid to ask.


I reserve the right to decline ANY commission.
By commissioning me you. . .;
Understand that I will use the work for this portfolio and or examples for further work,
Do NOT use my work without credit,
Do not try to pass it on as your own.

Will Draw!;
-Complex Designs
-Complex Backgrounds
-Suggestive Art
-Religious Art

Will NOT Draw!;
-Hate Art
-Self Harm/ Suicide Implications
-Robotic/Cyborg characters (sorry,,)
-Loli/Shota ANYTHING
-Explicit art/Fully NSFW
-Maw Shots


Please feel free to contact me at any point!
Though business related messages will not be seen until a Monday. Business hours are Monday-Friday.